Friday, April 9, 2010

Kids and Games

There are kids everywhere and when they see me they often shout "Bwanji azungu!" which translates to "How are you white man". They are always asking me to take a photo. The boy on the left has a "cataput" or slingshot. Third from left has a "khasu" or hoe on his shoulder - and somebody forgot their pants.

There is a lot of free time and a common activity is playing "Bao". It's an interesting game of skill. Marbles or stones are moved around the board with the goal of capturing the opponent's.

A girl with a hoe. She has been weeding in the fields.

This was the only time I saw a teeter totter. I have also seen cars made of wire, tops and kites.

Young people hanging out at the borehole. These are students from the primary school.

Cow carts are a common sight. They are used for transporting tobacco, manure, firewood, maize, flour, people and many other things. The cows are not trained. They just hit them with sticks and yell at them until they go in the desired direction.

These students are slashing grass around the soccer field.
A gang of kids in downtown Lipunga!



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