Thursday, March 18, 2010

My House

Let's start with the kitchen and my "sink". On the left is a water filter for drinking and cooking water and on the right is water for washing dishes and hands. I have to carry my water about a mile. I use a 20 liter (about 5 gallon) container which I carry on my bike. That's about enough for one day unless I need to wash clothes. When it rains I set out tubs and buckets to catch rainwater.

This is my counter and storage area. In front, under the white pot is my kerosene stove. It has one burner. I use kerosene because when I get home it would take too long to start a wood fire. I have to haul most of this stuff in from the BOMA on my bike. I made the kitchen unit from local wood

This is the living room. I have a small table and chairs where I eat and it's also a storage area for bike, tools and supplies. There is also another room through the door on the right which is used for storage.

My backyard with clothesline and bafa (bathing room) in the corner.

One of my most valued possessions - a solar heated shower. I hang it on a 10 foot pole over my open, outdoor shower stall. The way most people bathe is with a tub of water and a cup. You don't get in the tub, which is small, but scoop the water with the cup and pour it over yourself.

Here is my bafa. . .

. . . and my outhouse. It has a concrete slab inside with a hole in the center and 2 foot-shaped spots to stand on. Never backs up or gets plugged and it's very deep so it will take a while to fill up!

These are my solar panels. They provide 50 watts of power to a car battery inside. I use that to charge my computer and batteries for radio, camera and lights. For lighting I mostly use a camping headlamp so the light is always where I need it and it doesn't use much power. I also have a kerosene lamp which I use occasionally.



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