Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wedding in Kapanulu

Today there is a big wedding in Kapanula village which is right next to Lipunga.

Naturally there is lots of entertainment. This is a dancing band with unusual instruments made of gourds. They sound like kazoos and the members do a dance with light steps forward and back like they are trying not to touch the ground.

This is a group from the Ngombe tribe performing the Gule Wangome dance which you have seen before in previous blogs. Mr Lipunga is having one of these costumes made for me. Tune in later for the results!

There were many people from several villages at the wedding celebration.

The bride and groom. The somber look is intentional - people feel it is inappropriate to appear too happy or excited.

It's also traditional to cover the heads of the bride and groom before the ceremony.

There are always cute little girls in special dresses. . .

. . . and all the friends and relatives.

Family members give advice and congratulate the couple - much like toasts at American weddings.

Here I am with my "club" given to me by Mr Lipunga.



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