Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scenes from Malawi

Here I am on the road from Mchinji, where I get supplies and internet access every few weeks, with Mr Lipunga, my landlord.

Stopping for a water break.

Every so often we meet a cow-cart carrying corn, manure, tobacco or almost anything.

A woman carrying sugar cane - and a baby. She harvests it down along the river and sells it along the road for about 15 cents a stalk. It is a popular snack and is very refreshing in hot weather.

Gule wa Nkulu dancers walking down the road to a performance. They stopped to let me take their photo. This is a cultural tradition. If you ask who these guys are people will say it's a mystery or they come from the river (kind of like we do with Santa or the Easter Bunny).

Onions being transplanted from nurseries into beds along the river. Onions are a big crop in this area.

Something is always burning and it gets worse this time of year. Crop residue is burned to clear the land for planting. The grass in the bush, as in this photo, is burned to make hunting easier. Leaves and trash are burned around houses and in the towns and villages. It's really bad but hard to change.

All day these bicycles can be seen carrying all kinds of freight and people. This is how we get our supplies. This is flour to make scones at a tea room. People also haul corn to the mill to be ground. I once saw 2 women on a bicycle - each with a baby on her back!



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