Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dance at GVH Installation

Each village has a headman and a number of villages fall under the authority of a Group Village Headman (GVH). I live in Kapanula group and our GVH was recently installed so there was a ceremony and celebration. Of the men seated he is second from the right, with his legs crossed. The others are village headmen from his group.

There were drummers. . .

. . .and lots of interested onlookers

All eyes were on the dancers. Gule wa Nkulu is the traditional dance of the Chewa tribe. Other tribes have their own traditions. These dances are an important cultural heritage. Each charater has a name and a story but I don't know what they are yet. There is a certain element of secrecy about the identity of the dancers.


celeste said... doubt these are black men dressed to look and dance like white men. And the fact that they stuffed their shirts as well to be heavy bellied vs thin. This must be how they view us Americans in general. Interesting. In our defense, most men that could be successful doing that type of dance in America would be thin.


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