Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some Daily Activities and Functions

Here we are compiling crop estimate reports used by the government for planning.

I helped by adding the numbers while the local extension agents provided the numbers for crops, animals

I am with the Agriculture Officer at a training session for one of our irrigated wheat projects. Since this is the dry season the crop must be watered by a canal from the river.

At the training everyone is trying the methods we learned. Small beds are built with ridges to hold the water. You can see the small channel down the middle to distribute water.

In addition to working in the field women bring food and cook food. We east nsima (patties of corn similar to grits) with greens and sweet potatoes.

The women are leveling the beds.

This is a tool I made to make the grooves which the wheat is planted in.

This is a bee keeping group building beehives. I help by offering advice and resources like nails.

These are the simple tools they use. The large tool is an axe and the small one is an adze. They also had a hammer made from a large bolt welded to a handle.

This is a typical outdoor kitchen with a 3 stone fire. It is open with a thatched roof. These fires are smoky and often in enclosed spaces which causes respiratory problems, especially with children.

Occasionally the local CCAP church (Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian) has a revival. This one lasted 3 days and was held outdoors. These are the ministers who led it.

These women are what we would call the ladies auxiliary. They are also a choir group and here they are singing.

This is the rest of the people who attended. I estimated there were about 200 people and they came from villages around the area.

Villages have soccer teams. Soccer is very popular at all levels and inter-village matches are a common week-end entertainment.

Here is one of the teams.

Often I will attend trainings given by other NGO's (Non-Government Organizations) or government agencies. This one was about saving seed for food security and it was a project of CARD (Christian Association for Rural Development).

These are the people who attended the training. They had received seed for various crops last year and the project was being evaluated.


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